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The internet is a part of your life now. You surf the web everyday for different reasons. One thing we all use while using the internet is Google. Over the years, Google has become synonymous with internet. One can only imagine if people would be using the internet this efficiently if it wasn’t for Google. This search engine has made surfing the internet so easy and convenient that it’s impossible to do without it. All you had to do was type in a few keywords and voila! However, with time, things need to change for good and Google Search Engine has done that! Introducing Google Image Search Engine! All you have to do is copy an image on the search bar and you are treated with results that are related or similar to the image. We are about to mention a few cool features of this new search.

1. Know Art

Have a picture of some famous painting? Want to know more about? Just copy the image on the search bar and Image Search Engine will tell it all!

2. Relive History

History interests a lot of us. If there is someone you want to read about but don’t know their name, just copy the image you have on the search bar and feed your brain some good knowledge!

3. Find a Location

Have a postcard with the most scenic location and you really know where it is? Google Image Search got you covered. You know the drill, copy and hit search! You will get the location where it was clicked

4. Find People

Works best when used a portrait, this feature guesses the personality from the image and gives out relevant information about them. Works best when you have a crush on someone you saw online but don’t know their name.

5. Identify animals/plants

Found a beautiful plant or animal but have no clue what it is? Well, click a picture and search! Google will do the job for you and tell you all about the plant/animal you have searched!

Good job, Google!

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