Billing Policy

1. Payment Methods: -

We accept payments through Cheques & Bank Transfer. Our bank account details are mentioned on the invoices.

2. Bank Payments: -

In case of bank payments, please email your bank payment receipt at This would help us to locate your payments without any delay.

3. Billing Information: -

In order to change the contact details, billing cycle, account upgrade/downgrade or cancellation, an email request from the registered email address is mandatory. Requests made on calls won't be entertained. This is due to security reasons.

4. Hosting Renewals: -

Hosting accounts are to be renewed as per their respective billing cycle. A reminder is sent to all customers 10 days prior to their date of renewal. Second reminder is sent 5 days in advance of the renewal date. The final reminder is sent on the date of renewal itself. These reminders are sent in advance so that the customers have sufficient time to arrange funds for their due account.

5. Suspensions/Terminations: -

A grace period of 5 days is allowed after the renewal date for the invoices to be paid. In case of non- payment even after the grace period, all services will be put under suspension on the 6th day after the date of renewal. Verbal or email notificationis sent to the customers informing about the hosting renewal being past due date & suspension of the services. The account is terminated once the suspension period of 15 days is over. Under no circumstances would a backup be provided to the client.

6. Account Verification: -

All our orders are filtered through a strict fraud detection process. Our verification department cross checks all the information provided by the customer after placing the order. This is done to ensure that the account owner is well aware about the order placed by him and payment is made with his consent. Accounts are setup immediately once orders are verified through the defined process.

7. Security Violations: -

If an account has been terminated due to policy violations, copy-right infringement, hosting ethics violations, complaints received from authorized legal agencies, government departments, spam deterrent agencies or any other recognized internet authority, OLEVEA.COM is not liable to refund any charges paid for by the customer. We terminate / cancel accounts only after having evidence to substantiate the charges / violations levied.

8. Compensation: -

Credits or compensation is given only when services mentioned on agreement have not been delivered by us. Also, compensation amount will be decided by our Billing department.

9. Charge Backs/Disputes: -

In case of any charge backs or disputes, immediate suspension will take place for the respective account. If required OLEVEA.COM has full right to terminate the account and no backup would be provided. Charge backs are nowhere related to the refunds. Hence OLEVEA.COM will charge INR 1000.00/- as a Penalty to the customer in case of any charge backs or disputes. In case of further enquiries or clarifications, please contact the billing department. The email address to reach the billing department is In case of further enquiries or clarifications, please contact the billing department. The email address to reach the billing department is