Advertising Agency: Everything you need to know about them.

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For as long as one can remember, marketing and advertising have always been an integral part of a business. Their success and growth of an organization is hugely dependant on how well it’s marketed and how much awareness is created. Even before advertising agencies were formed, brands used to advertise, intentionally or unintentionally. Today, advertising plays an important part in making or breaking a business. The industry has grown to suit the needs and requirements of the brands and made it a billion dollar industry. The importance of an ad agency is a secret to none, today we are going to explain the different types of ad agencies that exist so that if you are looking for one, you can make the one that suits your needs and help your business progress.

1. Creative Boutique

A creative boutique is a small – sized agency that mainly focuses on creative and innovative ads. Such agencies do not focus on anything but creating ads. A creative boutique has their own team which comprises of copywriters, directors and creative people. If you are looking for an agency to churn out some really cool content for your brand and want to be talked about, this might be the perfect choice for you.

2. Full Service Agencies

The big daddy! A full service agency will look after all your marketing and advertising needs at all stages. These agencies are huge in size and have experts in each department. They are responsible for everything from making the wireframe, gathering data and statistics to creating the actual advertisement. If you can afford one, there’s no two ways about it; go for a full service agency. Full service advertising agencies are really helpful and take a lot of load off your shoulders, to get in touch with one, visit

3. In-House Agencies

How good would it be if you have an ad agency that works only for you? Their only client? You. Big companies usually prefer having an in-house agency where they get proper attention, there is no communication gap and the agency understands the brief really well. An in-house agency will perform all the functions of a full service agency, except, they’re owned by you.

4. Media Buying Agencies

Media buying agencies don’t create ads for you but are the agencies that buy places to advertise and then sell it to advertisers. They also sell TV and radio spots and time slots for advertisement. They also supervise if they ad has been telecasted at the opted time and place or not.

5. Interactive Agencies

An interactive agency uses modern modes of communication to advertise and market. Electronic mediums like digital billboards, social media marketing, personal messages, customized e-mails and much more using the digital space. The ads created by such agencies are very innovative and trendy as they use the combination of technology and creativity. Such agencies also make sure that the content that is created is trendy and up to date.

So there you have it, the type of agencies and the kind of the work they too. It is very important that you choose the right type of agency, one that caters to the services that you require and are good at it. There needs to be an understanding between the client and agency so that there is no communication gap and the brief is understood well. An advertising agency will be responsible for making or breaking your company’s image, so be careful while choosing one. If you are looking for a full service agency, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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