Who we are

Olevea is a 360° digital agency with expertise and extensive experience in digital marketing. We help you gain that extra mile over your competitors by creating an attractive and engaging online presence for your brand. Right from creating your website to chalking out the most viral content, we do it all and how! Our methods are unorthodox, execution is unconventional but outcome is exceptional!

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Our process

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    We Listen

    We start every project by NOT throwing digital vocabulary at you. We listen. To you, your digital dreams, your needs and your business objectives. We understand your brand and its values and correlate all of this information within an ever-changing digital landscape. This helps us to devise a robust strategy for your business.

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    We Think

    Once we’ve understood your exact requirements, we brainstorm. With some of the most talented individuals in digital. We chalk out a relevant, robust and agile digital strategy to move forward. We bring our expertise in creating awesome user experiences and spotting the latest trends, as we draft the work process for you.

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    We Share

    Keeping you, the client, in the loop at every stage of the project is an integral part of our methodology. We believe that an informed customer is also an insightful one as he brings his ideas into the mix. We love pushing the known boundaries into the unknown realm and are always curious to find out what lies beyond.

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    We Create

    We believe in “Horses for Courses.” We assemble teams according to the project. We create a project methodology and delegate work to various teams according to their expertise. At every stage, the project is monitored in its totality to ensure high quality, adherence to project guidelines and client expectations. And finally, we integrate all the elements into the final, seamless product.

We got the skills

We have it all,
and a bit more for luck.

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Web Development

Your website is your digital business card, and we make sure its one that catches attention and drives your business. Apart from being creative, we specialise in creating sites that are accessible, compatible and consistent.
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To support your piece of the art technology and code, we make immersive front-end systems that are both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. We have expert UX researchers and coders collaborating with our senior designers and creative directors leading bespoke visual communication.
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Digital Marketing & Social Media

A famous marketer once said, "be where the eyeballs are". They are on social media and so should you. We specialise in creating viral campaigns that generate a lasting impact on the target audience driving your business forward.
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Mobile App (Android and IOS)

36 per cent of the world's population is on smartphones, and we provide a way for you to reach out to them with your very own app. We build native and hybrid mobile applications for a wide range of industries and uses. Having a strong UI/UX background helps us take care of the visual needs of your app as well.
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Data Center Services

The core value of our data centre team is reliability. You can rely on us with your data, and we will ensure that you never lose it. We take care of storing, maintenance, dissemination and even hardware installations. We also provide bulletproof security and firewall services.
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Hosting (Linux and Windows)

With an entourage of hosting services poping each day, it has become a confusing landscape. To combat this, we provide bespoke hosting services that are ideally suited to your needs, to be economically viable with no hidden costs involved.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have become smarter, and it has become harder to pop up on the front page of a google search without involving expert SEO methodologies. Having years of experience in this field, we ensure we implement those expert methodologies efficiently and effectively.
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Animation has become the smartest way to grab the attention of your target audience if you go the promotional video route. We understand this and provide you with an arsenal of options such as a whiteboard, explainer animation or brand promotion animation ensuring you leave a lasting impression.
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Content Marketing

When looking for a content marketer, you are looking at two things, virality and consistency. We ensure that we create and market content for you that goes viral and is in line with the tone and language of the brand. We drive your vision through this content.
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Audio-Visual Production

Together we will craft a viral video concept or help you achieve yours through our audio-visual capabilities. Along with our partners, we have created some impactful campaigns to help brands reach their outreach goals.
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Public Relations (PR)

Through our PR efforts, we ensure that you/brand is seen as successful, honest, relevant, exciting or relevant as possible. We manage the perception of your target audience with our partners in earned and mainstream Media.
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Brand Launch & Announcements

We help you launch your brand, create a favourable introductory image, present a unique value proposition and communicate how your products and services are different and relevant. We take care of strategising the same and helping you meet your vision.